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 is a fansite archive for Spider-Man 3 and all Spider-Man movie related news, spoilers, gossip, rumors, events, and items. We provide free downloads, have the latest pictures, trailers and wallpaper. See the movie cast/crew stats, buy a Spider-Man poster or toy, and bone up on your Spider-Man comics history!

Superman/Batman Team-up
Superman director Zack Snyder hints that he's talking with Chris Nolan about the The Dark Knight.
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Kevin Feige On SPIDER-MAN's Director And Tom Holland's Screen Test With Robert Downey Jr.
Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige talks here about the process which went into choosing Jon Watts as the director of Spider-Man and sheds some light on what happened when Tom Holland met up with Robert Downey Jr. for that all important screen test. Read on for details...

ANT-MAN Cast Offer Advice To New SPIDER-MAN Tom Holland
In this video interview compilation, Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas and more are asked to give some advice to the young man who'll step into the webs of Spider-Man. Plus, Rudd talks about interacting with the cast of Captain America: Civil War, which he recently shot scenes for...

Kevin Feige Reveals SPIDER-MAN, GOTG2, DOCTOR STRANGE & THOR 3 Production Dates
There have been plenty of details from Marvel president Kevin Feige recently, and today he has discussed the commencement of shooting on a number of Phase Three projects; plus, get an update on the production of Captain America: Civil War.

Kevin Feige On Casting "Amazing" Tom Holland As SPIDER-MAN, Deciding On The Villain And More
The head of Marvel Studios now talks about how he and Sony are deciding which villain Spider-Man will take on in the new standalone movie, and he also praises the reboot's new star, Tom Holland.

More From Kevin Feige On Marvel's PHASE 3, 'Hulk' In CIVIL WAR, And 'Big Reveals' In GOTG 2
Teasing "big reveals" in the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel and a "simple story" in Captain America: Civil War, Kevin Feige also reveals when we should find out who will be directing Thor: Ragnarok.

Kevin Feige Talks About The SPIDER-MAN Reboot's John Hughes Vibe; Teases New Villains
Are you a fan of The Breakfast Club? Good, then you're going to love what Kevin Feige has planned for Marvel's upcoming Spider-Man reboot! Feige recently praised the strength of Spidey's supporting cast (including his villains) and teased some new rogues down the line...

Kevin Feige Explains 'Spider-Man''s Place In The MCU And How He Relates To THE AVENGERS
Reiterating the fact that Sony's 2017 Spider-Man movie will most definitely take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kevin Feige explains here how Peter Parker will relate to The Avengers; in fact, it sounds like they're turning to the early Stan Lee/Steve Ditko comics for inspiration...

The other day Marvel and Sony finally announced the young actor they'd chosen to step into the webs of Peter Parker in the latest Spider-Man reboot. As usual, Boss Logic is on hand with some great artwork, giving us some idea of how Tom Holland could look as the Wall Crawler...

Web-Crawler: ANT-MAN's In The Can, DuVernay Reports Untrue? SPIDER-MAN Runner-Up Congratulates
Web-crawler is a column that collects news items that may not warrant an article of their own and combines them (like Voltron) for one super article. Check out the latest installment.

Chris Evans Comments On Tom Holland Being CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR's 'Spider-Man'
It's been reported that Tom Holland (In The Heart Of The Sea) was the only actor to screen test for the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Atlanta with Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans. Hit the jump to see what the latter had to say about the casting decision via Twitter...

Why Tom Holland as SPIDER-MAN and Director Jon Watts is the best decision made by Marvel/Sony.
Many will agree and/or disagree with Marvel/Sony’s casting decision and choice of director for the future Spider-Man franchise but here’s why I think that they've finally got it right and why the movie will work.

POLL: What Do You Think About Tom Holland Playing Marvel's SPIDER-MAN?
It took them long enough, but Marvel and Sony have finally chosen an actor to play the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Spider-Man. That will be 19 year old British thesp Tom Holland (The Impossible), but do you think they made the right choice? Here's your chance to let us know your thoughts...

These Are The CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Actors The New SPIDER-MAN Screen Tested With
It turns out that Marvel's new Spider-Man screen tested with two specific Marvel actors on the Atlanta set of Captain America: Civil War, and you can find out who they were right here! We also have new details on the actor's contract, why the director was chosen, and much, much more...

Behind The Scenes News On Marvel's SPIDER-MAN Casting Pick; Details On CIVIL WAR Role
A new report sheds some light on how Marvel went out choosing the leading actor and director of their Spider-Man reboot, and it was a very interesting - and unique - process. We also have some further details on just how much Peter Parker will factor into Captain America: Civil War...

OFFICIAL: Marvel Studios Reveal The Star And Director Of SPIDER-MAN
Well, it's about time too! Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have today announced the star and director of their upcoming Spider-Man reboot, and you can find all of the details right HERE! Hit the jump for those, comments form Kevin Feige, and much more...

PRESS RELEASE: Bendis & Pichelli Detail 'Miles Morales'' New Adventures In SPIDER-MAN
Following on from the news that Miles Morales would be entering the All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe with a new series, Spider-Man, this Fall, Marvel have released an official press release containing fresh details from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli.

Stan Lee Sees No Reason Why SPIDER-MAN's Race Or Sexuality Should Be Changed
Until Kevin Feige made it clear that Marvel will be sticking to the comic books by casting a white actor to play Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there was a lot of talk about changing Peter Parker's race on the big screen. As it turns out, that's not an idea Stan Lee is too keen on...

SPIDER-MAN Contender Tom Holland Demonstrates His Spidey Skills
Marvel and Sony still haven't settled on their new Spider-Man, but last we heard it was down to either Charlie Rowe (Never let Me Go) or Tom Holland (The Impossible). One thing's for sure, the latter definitely has the right physical attributes for the role anyway! Click to see him in action...

COMICS: Marvel Announces New SPIDER-MAN Series Starring 'Miles Morales'
The creation of a biracial Spider-Man made waves in the comic book industry back in 2011, and today it's been revealed that Miles Morales will star in the new Spider-Man title post-Secret Wars from his two creators, Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli. Hit the jump for more!

SPIDER-MAN's Villains Need To Have A Large Impact On The Marvel Cinematic Universe
While we wait on Spider-Man casting news for Captain America: Civil War and the standalone Spidey film set to hit theaters in 2017, lets examine an overlooked ramification of this deal - the ability for Marvel Studios to use Spider-Man's many and awesome villains.

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