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 is a fansite archive for Spider-Man 3 and all Spider-Man movie related news, spoilers, gossip, rumors, events, and items. We provide free downloads, have the latest pictures, trailers and wallpaper. See the movie cast/crew stats, buy a Spider-Man poster or toy, and bone up on your Spider-Man comics history!

Superman/Batman Team-up
Superman director Zack Snyder hints that he's talking with Chris Nolan about the The Dark Knight.
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Chris Evans Shares His Thoughts On CAPTAIN AMERICA Being A Mentor For SPIDER-MAN
Hit the jump to find out what Chris Evans had to say when asked whether Steve Rogers will serve as a mentor to Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War! Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth reveals whose side Thor would choose in that battle, but beware of possible spoilers for Avengers: Age of Ultron...

Marvel Had Planned For All Eventualities When It Came To SPIDER-MAN
Though the deal is done and Spidey will be a part of the MCU, for a long time Marvel wasn't certain the Webhead would be made available and had multiple Phase 3 plans in place -- some to continue on with him, others without. Find out what Kevin Feige had to say about this after the jump...

Kevin Feige Reveals How Long SPIDER-MAN Will Be Part Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Fans have been worrying about Sony potentially pulling Spider-Man out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on a whim, but Kevin Feige talks here about how far into the future the deal is set, and the good news is that it looks like Peter Parker will spend a long time as a member of The Avengers...

Robert Downey Jr. On His Excitement To See SPIDER-MAN Join THE AVENGERS
Robert Downey Jr. talks here about whether or not he wants to see Spider-Man join the ranks of The Avengers, and which version of the character - Peter Parker or Miles Morales - he prefers. The actor also comes up with a theory about how Stark Industries may be tied to that radioactive spider...

MARVEL STUDIOS President Kevin Feige Reveals When His Contract Is Up
We talk about the contracts of actors and directors all the time, but what about Marvel's head honcho Kevin Feige? How long does Marvel Studios have the mastermind behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe under contract for? Come find out what Feige had to say!

Kevin Feige Offers Updates On PHASE 3 Slate; Says Marvel Is Open To Non-White SPIDER-MAN
(Updated!) Revealing Captain Marvel was taken out of Avengers: Age of Ultron and why, Marvel's head honcho offers updates on most of the Phase 3 movies, leading up to Avengers: Infinity War

Kevin Feige Says No Origin Story For SPIDER-MAN In The MCU; Teases Plans For The New Costume
Kevin Feige reveals that Marvel won't be retelling Spider-Man's origin story in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as "There is a young kid [already] running around New York City in a homemade version of the Spider-Man costume." He also reveals new details on the costume, his personality, and more!

Kevin Feige Confirms Marvel's SPIDER-MAN Sends 'Peter Parker' Back To High School
Peter Parker is Spider-Man. We all know that, but whether or not we'd see the original Spidey in the upcoming 2017 reboot was a little uncertain.. until now that is! Marvel boss Kevin Feige has come out and revealed which web-crawler we'll see as well as his age! Come check it out!

DAREDEVIL Star Vincent D'Onofrio Comments On Possibly Taking On SPIDER-MAN As 'The Kingpin'
With Spider-Man set to become a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with next year's Captain America: Civil War, the chances of seeing the wall-crawler meeting up with the Man Without Fear have significantly increased. Here, Daredevil's Kingpin talks about possibly kicking Spidey's butt...

Spidey Meets Ant-Man In New Sneak Peek From ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN
Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors has had kind of a wacky schedule this season, but it looks like we should start seeing new episodes soon as Disney XD has just released a sneak peek from an upcoming episode in which Spidey meets Ant-Man! Come check it out!

TWP Podcast - Best SPIDER-MAN Stories
This week The Weekly Planet team are all about the best Spider-man stories of all time. Plus we get into DC's Batgirl cover, the reveal of the Reverse Flash, Justice League news and a Star Wars: The Force Awakens exclusive! Hit the jump to support the show.

First Candidate For MCU SPIDER-MAN Revealed?
Find out who just might be first known actor to audition for the role of Spider-Man in the MCU. This candidate would seemingly confirm that Kevin Feige and co. are definitely introducing Peter Parker, not Miles Morales (and no, it's not Dylan O'Brien). Continue on for details.

Marvel CCO Joe Quesada Says Character Is Key To Marvel's PETER PARKER/SPIDER-MAN
Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada seemingly confirms that it will be Peter Parker in Captain America: Civil War and beyond by responding to a fan query about what Sony and Marvel Studios need to do to get the character of Spider-Man right in the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

Dylan O'Brien Still Hasn't Heard Anything About SPIDER-MAN
"Yeah.. I guess I'm Spider-Man" - Many fans are still hopeful Dylan O'Brien will utter these words officially, but if this PaleyFest interview is any indication of what's to come, it looks like he still hasn't heard anything about the highly sought after part.. come check it out!

New VFX Breakdown Video For THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2: "Animated Character Shot Build"
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 might not have been the film we hoped it would be, but if it managed to get anything right, it's the VFX (and of course the suit). Sony Pictures Imageworks has released another VFX breakdown video giving us a better look at how they brought Spidey to life.

Here we have a batch of potentially major spoilers for some of Marvel's upcoming movies. They involve characters that will appear (some big surprises there), and characters that will not... because they won't be breathing! Just rumors for now, but fair warning just in case...

Sally Field Weighs In On AUNT MAY Spin-off And Marvel's SPIDER-MAN Reboot
Revealing what, or rather whom, she'll miss most from The Amazing Spider-Man movies, Sally Field also addresses (and laughs off) rumors of her Aunt May getting a spin-off. Check it out after the jump!

WISHLIST: What YOU Want To See From Marvel's SPIDER-MAN
Since we asked you to tell us what you'd like to see when the Webhead finally makes his Marvel debut, we've found out a little more about the studio's plans for him. Do they gel with your hopes and expectations? Click on to find out...

Wolverine vs. Batman? CHAPPIE Star Hugh Jackman Tells Us Who Would Win!
During the press junket for Neill Blomkamp's Chappie, Spider-Man returning to the MCU and who would win in a fight – Batman or Wolverine – was discussed. Hit the jump to find out the Wolverine actor’s non-biased thoughts on the matter and learn more about his mullet!

Shailene Woodley Says "Heck Yeah" To Playing 'Mary-Jane Watson' In SPIDER-MAN Reboot
Divergent star Shailene Woodley is apparently interested in returning to the role of Mary-Jane Watson in Marvel's upcoming Spider-Man reboot, following her unseen performance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Hit the jump to check it out!

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