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Just as Spider-Man has enjoyed an evolving life in the movies, television and comic books, so has the Spider-Man videogame franchise. From the rudimentary Atari 2600 game to the next-generation Activision movie adaptations, Spider-Man has been one of the few games to always be fun.

Spider-Man Games

Spider-Man 2: The Movie Game (2004)

Publisher Description: TBA

Spider-Man Games

Spider-Man: The Movie Game (2002)

Publisher Description: Jump into the suit of a fledgling Spider-Man as he learns how to battle the forces of evil in a stunning 3D New York City. Crawl, leap, and swing amongst the dizzying heights of skyscrapers, looking to catch criminals and super-villains in your web. Come face to face with your nemesis, the Green Goblin in death-defying aerial combat.

Spider-Man Games

Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro (2000)

Publisher Description: The city is at risk, and only you can save it from the evil clutches of an old enemy: the powerful Electro. He has a mysterious new device that will make his million volts of destruction even more deadly.

Spider-Man Games

Spider-Man - Activision (1999)

Publisher Description: Octavius technology has been stolen, and the police as well as everyone else think it was Spider-Man that took it! But there has to be more to this than meets the eye. Why would someone want to steal Doc Ock's technology and pin the theft on Spidey?

Spider-Man Games

Spider-Man: Web of Fire - Sega 32X (1996)

Publisher Description: New York City has been engulfed in a fog from a massive electrical plasma grid. Spider-man must fend off his enemies and prevent the city from becoming rubble with his web-slinging and skyscraper climbing. HYDRA, the enemy learns and evolves...

Spider-Man Games

Separation Anxiety (1995)

Publisher Description: Once again, Venom and Spider-Man find themselves unlikely allies, overcoming their mutual hatred in order to prevent five new alien symbiotes from bonding with their host bodies and spreading terror throughout the world!

Spider-Man Games

Spider-Man: The Animated Series Game (1994)

Publisher Description: Spider-Man's past comes back to haunt him when more badguys than you can count on two webbed hands bust out of prison and team up to settle the score against him. Only your spider skills and a little help from the Fantastic Four can even the odds. The hunt is on... but who's the prey?

Spider-Man Games

Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage (1994)

Publisher Description: Only one maniacal madman can force Spider-Man to unite with his sinister arch nemesis Venom: CARNAGE! His deadly rampage is tearing New York City apart! Only wild web-slinging maneuvers, crushing combat moves, and superhero allies can save the city from total obliteration. Maximum mayhem & Carnage! Paint the town red!

Spider-Man Games

Spider-Man - Sega Genesis (1991)

Publisher Description: Enter a vicious web of danger and disaster! The Kingpin of Crime frames Spider-Man for planting a bomb in New York; and Spidey's only hope is to find the keys to the bomb's location before it explodes. Help Spider-Man stick it to the Kingpin and his horde of vicious assassins along the way.

Spider-Man Games

Spider-Man - Atari (1983)

Publisher Description: "New York City--at the mercy of the GREEN GOBLIN! He's booby-trapped the city's skyscrapers with SUPER BOMBS! I must save the city NOW. But the GOBLIN will try to stop my every move. Criminals and time bombs--even the GREEN GOBLIN himself--stand between me and the SUPER BOMBS! Can I save the city in time?"

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  2. Spider-Man 2: The Movie Game (2004)
  3. Spider-Man: The Movie Game (2002)
  4. Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro (2000)
  5. Spider-Man - Activision (1990)
  6. Spider-Man: Web of Fire - Sega 32X (1996)

  7. Separation Anxiety (1995)
  8. Spider-Man: The Animated Series Game (1994)
  9. Maximum Carnage (1994)
  10. Spider-Man - Sega Genesis (1991)
  11. Spider-Man - Atari (1983)
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